July 24, 2024

Learn how to make pancakes without milk

Do you want pancakes in the early morning breakfast but run out of milk and need more time to get it? Are you upset because you think no milk means no pancakes? Hold on! We will teach you how to make pancakes without milk. We have the perfect recipe for pancakes that taste as mouth-watering as they taste with milk, so stay tuned!

Pancakes; The Best Breakfast

Who does not love fluffy pancakes, especially for breakfast? It is easy to make and can be customized according to your taste; you have to add chocolate or strawberry syrup as you want and dig into the divine taste. Pancakes are light & feel mouth-watering no matter which time you eat. To make your pancakes fancier, you can add different types of fruits, especially berries. A golden-brown pancake with some honey, chocolate syrup, and vanilla ice cream is one of the most loved ways to have pancakes by people.

Pancakes have always been people’s first choice, but what if someone is lactose intolerant? Can they never be able to taste this delicacy? Or what if someday there is no milk left in the kitchen? Would it be the no pancakes day? Isn’t it annoying? But what if we tell you we have something to help you? You can always customize any recipe according to your taste and availability of ingredients, so why not customize our pancakes without milk?

Pancakes without milk; is this possible?

Traditionally the recipe of pancakes must include milk because it gives it a different silky and smooth texture that almost melts in the mouth. This traditional recipe makes people curious. Can lactose intolerant people never taste the sweet delicacy of pancakes in their lives because of one ingredient: milk? We have good news for such people; you can make this treasure of flavor and sweetness even without milk. Any liquid, according to your taste, could do the work, and you don’t need milk. Yes, you can even add water if you want to make pancakes.

You might not believe it, but you can make even better pancakes with the same recipe and only a change of one ingredient. For those who are on a diet and avoiding fat but want to taste pancakes, try this new dessert recipe with water. If you don’t know how to make pancakes without milk and are scared that you might ruin them, we have the perfect recipe for you:

Ingredients to make pancakes without milk

You don’t need many weird ingredients or extravagant milk powder to make pancakes without liquid milk. Just a cup of water will work, and the rest ingredients will remain the same. Those who are new to this recipe and do not have any clue how it works, get the following list of ingredients, and we will teach you how to make pancakes without water within a few minutes:

1.  1 ½ All-purpose flour (for the base of the batter)

2.  3 ½ Baking powder (for fluffiness)

3.  ½ Salt (for taste)

4.  1 ½ Granulated sugar (for taste)

5.  1 ¼ Water (the substitution for milk)

6.  1 Egg (for creaminess and fluffiness)

7.  3 tablespoons melted Butter (for richness)

8.  1 tablespoon Vanilla extract (for taste)

There are a few optional ingredients that you can add to enhance the taste and richness of pancakes. All these optional ingredients are to be added after the pancakes are made for the garnishing purpose:

1.  Any flavored syrup according to your taste (you can use chocolate or strawberry syrup for taste)

2.  Honey according to your taste (for enhancing taste)

3.  Fruits and Berries according to your taste (for extra crunch and flavor)

How to make pancakes without milk

To make pancakes without milk, follow these simple steps:

1. To make tasty pancakes without milk, take one large bowl in which you can add and mix all the ingredients. Now add all the common pancake ingredients: flour, salt, sugar, and banking powder. The amount of each element is already specified above.

2. Mix all the ingredients you have taken in the blow. To avoid lumps in the batter, make space between the mixture to add other liquid ingredients: water, butter, taste enhancer (if any), egg, and vanilla extract.

3. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl rhythmically to avoid lumps and make a smooth batter. Meanwhile, preheat the pan and add ¼ cup of batter in a circular motion or any other formation as you like to make your pancakes.

4. After a few minutes of cooking, you will see bubbles and a slight motion over your pancakes, which signifies it is time to flip it. Cook both sides accurately till it gets golden brown; once you are done, serve it hot on the plate.

5. Now, all you need to do is add your various add-ons, including flavored syrups, and lift a spoon to taste something unique and tasty.

Other Unique Substitutes  

If you don’t like adding water to your favorite pancakes and want something more that can make them tastier, you should know that there are many options for you to choose from. Answering how to make pancakes without milk is not difficult, but answering how to make them tastier might need some more information which we have. You can add different kinds of milk like oat, hemp, soya, almond, etc., which will be even more mouth-watering, and if you need some extra taste, you can increase the amount of flavor-enhancing syrups. 


We hope you know how to make pancakes without milk through this blog. Making pancakes is not tricky, and you can be creative with it. You can experiment with different flavors, colors, and syrups to add a more personalized taste to your pancakes. Cooking is an art and therapy which people must enjoy, and through this blog, now you know how you can make your breakfast even fancier.

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