July 24, 2024

How to Tie a Scarf Top

This summer, 2023 will return the scarf top trend, and we will relive the comfy and edgy fashion again. Whether it is your favorite TikTok influencer or the Hollywood celebrity who inspires you, one top scarf style will be spotted through their content. So why are you waiting? Use that boho scarf you have and rock the internet but wait, what? You don’t know how to do it! Worry not because we will tell you how to tie a scarf top in five beautiful and about-to-be trendy ways!

Summer 2023; Scarf top trend is back

The year 2023 will mark the return of the top scarf trend, and why not when it is comfortable and bold? It gives you the feeling of effortless beauty and hard-to-ignore style. Thanks to TikTok, we have millions of ways to style a scarf, so seeking the answer to how to tie a scarf top is relatively easy. The tricky thing is to find a few trendy and stylish options out of all that can trend this summer.

The reason why people are so hooked on styling their outfits with a scarf top is not only because it is comfortable, but there are several reasons which make it the best choice for people. It is vibrant and can be molded according to your personality. You have great style options for the scarf top; you can go with minimal, boho, floral or color blocks to see which one looks the best with you.

You can make it simple and elegant by choosing a cool or warm-tone scarf or make it vibrant or bold by changing the color pattern. If we keep the color and pattern advantage of the side, the scarf top also has a great benefit; you can style it with literally anything. It can go with anything from a simple skirt to jeans and make you look like a fashion icon within a few seconds. You can even create a new look and dress with a simple scarf. It is an affordable fashion which you must try.

How to tie a scarf top

Whether it is a get-together or a TikTok video, your style must be highlighted, and you must become a trendsetter through it. It would be best to work smarter and save time. You should know the quick, easy, and trendy scarf top styles. We have brought you five unique and about-to-go-in-trend ways to style your scarf top easily, which you must know:

Beach Style

Beach style is the easiest way to answer how to tie a scarf top within a few seconds. To style a scarf perfect for going to the beach and flaunting your fashion taste, tie it around your body front in a triangular form keeping the edge on either the left or right and the rest of the scarf on one side.

You can style it with a simple bikini or top with a bun and go simple without accessories to give an effortless and unique look. It is one of the easiest ways to shine and flaunt your fashion taste. You can also upload a tutorial on the internet to teach many others how to make their beach look unique in two simple steps.

Wrap Style

If you are looking for out-of-the-box chic fashion and want to outshine everyone, tying your scarf in a wrap style will be the best option. You have to take the scarf and tie it over your neck through your collarbone, and voila, you are ready to walk the runway. Style it with shorts or jeans to make the look stronger and bold.

It might seem easy to you, but pulling off a style like this requires a great fashion sense. It would be best if you used vibrant scarfs for this style to highlight it the best and style it with minimal accessories so that people can focus more on your styling and you can accentuate it.

Two-piece Style

What’s better than a two-piece dress made out of a scarf? It is comfortable, fashionable, and can help you find your fashion taste. Tie your scarf through triangular, wrapping or rectangular through your body and match it with a readymade scarf skirt or make your scarf into one to make an effortless look.

An up hairstyle with minimal gold earrings and rings would be the most elegant way to style your scarf in two pieces. This will make you want to go to the beach and attend summer night parties. It will also highlight your every look, and that’s how you can set the trend to break the internet.

Classic Style

The easiest way to style your scarf perfectly with a pair of jeans and look fashionable yet not over the top is to wrap it around the body in a triangular form, keeping the more significant part at the front and tying the not at the back. It is a traditional way to tie a scarf, and even after decades of being at the top of the list, it has retained its charm on people.

It looks best with a pair of high-waist jeans and minimal earrings. Most social media and celebrities like to style their scarf traditionally, making it the most significant way to style a scarf for people.

How to Tie a Scarf Top with Accessories

The scarf top looks the best with minimal and chic accessories. You must tie a scarf and wear matching accessories like a multi-layered neckpiece or drop earrings. The accessories look best with scarf tops because you can choose a subtle and minimal scarf with no extra laces or beadwork, making the accessories stand out more. The professionals working in the jewelry industry often portray scarf tops to highlight the accessories on the modal.


Now you know various trendy ways to become a trendsetter. The answer to your question of how to tie a scarf top through this blog must have suggested a few unique ways and given you enough insight to create your best summer 2023 look with a scarf. All you need is a perfect scarf that can showcase your personality the best, and you are ready to shine through your fashion.

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