July 24, 2024
Can Dogs Have Black Beans

For a high-fibre, low-fat, and cholesterol-free diet, black beans are always an option for us. It has many essential nutrients, like vitamin A, vitamin B9, vitamin C, protein, iron, calcium, etc., which every dog needs. But can dogs have black beans?

Although black beans are plant-based foods, they are still safe for dogs in a moderate amount. In fact, black beans can help them lose weight, fight cancer and diabetes, gain healthy muscles and bones, etc.

Well, black beans can be your dog’s best friend only if you serve them in the right way. Let’s discuss them below.

All About Black Beans

Black beans, also known as turtle beans, are a popular cuisine in the Caribbean and Latin America. When beans become dry and mature, they usually turn black, which we call black beans.

We also call them black turtle beans because of their hard shell, which almost looks like a turtle.

Well, black beans are a type of bean or legume that takes 90 days to harvest. They have a meaty, dense texture and taste different from other beans.

Can Dogs Have Black Beans?

Black beans can be a tasty yet healthy treat for dogs if prepared correctly. For example, we can’t let our dogs eat black beans the way we eat them. We prepare black beans for us by adding flavours, and sometimes we eat them raw. Unfortunately, your dog can’t enjoy the flavours. If you want him to enjoy these legumes, cook them without adding any ingredients, and of course, in the right amount.

Can Dogs Have Canned Black Beans

Canned black beans contain phytic acid and a toxin named lectin. Phytic acid won’t allow your dog to absorb the nutrients from the legumes, which can lead to nutrient deficiency. On the other hand, the lectin will imbalance the GI tract and cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

Can Dogs Have Refried Black Beans?

Refried black beans are black beans that are cooked two times. When we refry black beans, we usually add salt, garlic, onion, etc. to them. Dogs can’t have these ingredients as they are toxic to them. If you refry black beans without adding any flavour or seasonings, you can feed them to your dog.

Health Benefits Of Having Black Beans For Dogs

Black beans can be a saviour for your dog if he is struggling with obesity. These legumes can suppress appetite, which protects dogs from overheating. Although black beans are lower in fat, they don’t compromise on omega-3 fatty acids. We know how important omega-3 fatty acids are to having a good skin, coat, and immune system.

Black beans also have ample amounts of nutrients, like potassium, magnesium, and folate. Potassium will regulate your dog’s sugar level, magnesium will improve his metabolism, and folate will take care of his cell function. Well, dogs require more manganese when they deal with thyroid issues. Luckily, black beans contain a high amount of manganese that can cure their thyroid gland.

Can Dogs Have Black Beans

Other key nutrients in black beans are protein, iron, and calcium. Protein will regulate dogs’ muscle health, iron will maintain the haemoglobin level, and calcium will promote bone health.

With sufficient antioxidant properties, these legumes will keep your dogs at bay from free radicals. In turn, you can save your dog from arthritis and joint health issues by offering him some black beans.

Risks Of Having Black Beans For Dogs

Black beans are a plant food, and dogs don’t have enzymes that can break down the plant fibre. Since black beans are high in fibre, your dog can’t withstand them in high quantities. In that case, he can get diarrhoea or an upset stomach. Besides, black beans have sugar, which can be harmful to dogs. When a dog ingests too many beans, he is ingesting too much sugar. The result could be vomiting and an upset stomach.

Another reason why black beans can be bad for dogs is when they eat them raw. Raw black beans are prone to bacteria, which can make your dog sick. Again, some canned black beans have phytic acid and lectin toxins, which are also responsible for diarrhoea and vomiting in dogs.

Best Way To Offer Black Beans To Dogs

No matter in what way you are offering black seeds to your dog, make sure they are cooked. As said earlier, raw black beans have bacteria that can pose health threats to dogs. By cooking them, you will not only kill the bacteria but also remove all toxins.

To cook black beans for your dog, you have to first wash them off and then let them soak overnight in water. The next morning, take out the soaked beans and boil them for 10 minutes on medium heat. Then drain the water and let the beans cool down. Now you can serve them to your dog with his dog food or with other veggies. Or you can add some of its legumes to chicken or fish so that your canine friend gets different tastes in his meal.

How Much Black Beans Should Dogs Have?

If it is canned black beans, we would recommend not feeding them to your dog, even in the slightest amount. Since they have toxins, you may not know how they can affect your paw friend. However, you can serve them with refried or cooked black beans in moderation. If your dog is a small breed, try to keep the amount within one tablespoon, and if he is a large breed, the amount should be two tablespoons.

When Can Dogs Have Black Beans?

Since black beans can cure health issues, you can offer them to your dog when they are suffering from illness. For instance, the high amount of fibre in black beans aids in constipation. If your dog has constipation, consider adding some black beans to his diet. You can also add them to a dog’s diet when he is going through arthritis. It is because a high amount of manganese can cure this disease.

Under all circumstances, your dog should only have black beans when your vet allows it. Some dogs can have allergies or a bad health record. That’s why many vets don’t approve of feeding black beans to dogs. So consult with your vet first about the treats that you give to your canine friend.

Can Dogs Have Black Beans

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Black Beans?

Can dogs have black beans with onions?

Black beans are safe for dogs, but onions are toxic for dogs. If you add onion to black beans, this treat will not only make your dog sick but also lead to several health issues.

Can dogs eat black beans with rice?

Dogs can eat black beans with rice in a moderate quantity. Both of these foods have no toxic elements that can be a threat to your dog’s health.

Can dogs have pinto beans?

Like black beans, pinto beans are safe for dogs. They contain a good amount of protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Can dogs have kidney beans?

Kidney beans are also safe for dogs, but some dogs don’t like their texture. However, a moderate amount of kidney beans can help your dog with protein and fibre.

Final Verdict

After learning about some safety concerns, we still may have the question, Can dogs have black beans? The good news is that dogs can also enjoy the nutrients of black beans if you cook them without adding anything.

If your dog ever eats too many black beans or eats raw black beans, he will surely vomit everything. At that time, you must let him rest and make your vet aware of it. After some hours, you may offer your four-legged friend a small amount of rice and water.

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